Frights-Camera-action! For a fun Escape Game

Beneath the dark streets of London Town lies an old film studio, lost in time, waiting for you to release its secrets.

Secret Studio is TripAdvisor’s No 1 escape game in London. Once locked inside the Studio, you’ll have just 60 minutes to solve its fiendish puzzles. Keep your wits about you and you might just escape the cutting room floor!



Who gets into Secret Studio?

EVERYONE! Whether you’re having a party, corporate team builder or just visiting from Mars!



What is Secret Studio?

Secret Studio is an exciting retro-themed mystery escape game! ‘I don’t know what on earth that means’, we hear you say. Well here’s what happens…

You and your friends/family are locked inside the headquarters of ‘Secret Studio Films’, a (fictional) down-at-heel schlock movie production office that hasn’t seen a lick of paint since 1979.

You have an hour to solve the puzzles inside the room and unlock the mystery to escape! You’ll start by searching, seeing what you can find and how things fit together to make sense.

The retro technology will delight you along the way – a journey back in time for the younger players (‘how did people used to manage in the old days?!’) and a trip down memory lane for Mum and Dad (marvel at your teen’s attempts at the dial phone!) You work together as a team to try and beat the clock.

There are also spooky scary bits and a few surprises in store… we don’t want to say much about these because that would ruin the surprise thing but we can accommodate the jumpy ones among you – see ‘Who can do it?’

You’ll have fun! We can (practically) guarantee it! And that’s all we can really tell you for now. That’s why it’s called SECRET Studio…

Will you keep my money if the lockdown rules change?

Of course not, that just wouldn’t be fair. If the roadmap or lockdown rules change, meaning you can’t come on the day you’ve booked, we’ll offer you a full refund. Of course we’d love it if you decide to rebook instead.

For details of what we are doing to keep you safe in times of Covid, click HERE.

What are you doing to protect your customers and staff from Covid 19?

Your group will have the entire room to yourselves; No other players will be joining you, although a single Secret Studio member of staff may need to enter. You might come across other players in reception, but we will keep you well apart. It is important that your group complies with the government regulations regarding households/bubbles that apply on the day of your visit. If the rules change and you can’t come as planned, let us know as soon as possible and we will give you the option of putting your booking on hold or a full refund.

We are extremely serious about protecting our customers and staff and appreciate everybody’s co-operation with our new policies.

- Social distancing between different groups will be maintained.

- We have upgraded cleaning and sanitisation of our game rooms and equipment.

- Hand-washing facilities are available, and more hand-sanitiser than you can shake a stick at!

- Our staff will be wearing masks or visors. We’d recommend wearing masks in our reception. We can provide these for free if you forget yours.

We’ll review our measures in line with government advice as the situation develops.

What does it cost?

Secret Studio costs £33 per person, but remember to check out our OFFERS page.

You can pay by Credit or Debit card.

You need at least 3 people to play the game.

Who can do it?

Most people can experience Secret Studio.

Children aged fourteen or over are welcome. We do ask that each team has at least one person over sixteen.

All team members need to be able to understand and read English.

There is the odd surprise! Let us know when you arrive if you really don’t like shocks, and we’ll tailor the experience.

Also tell us if you’re claustrophobic; we should be able to make it work for you.

There is no excessively physical activity.

To solve the mysteries at least one team member needs reasonably good eyesight.

Although we play music and effects, audio is not essential to the experience.

We do have wheelchair access, but are only able to accommodate 1-2 wheelchair users at a time. We’re very embarrassed about this.

How many can play & how many rooms?

Any group of between 3 and 27 people can play at the same time.

We have 4 rooms all with the same game. Each room is designed for up to 6 players (3 rooms can fit 7 at a squeeze). So larger groups split into teams and race!

Don’t worry, nobody else will be in your room(s), so you won’t be playing with strangers.

If there’s more than 27 of you, you can play consecutively. We’ll keep track of your times so it’s still a fair race! AND we can arrange for the first group to sit with the GamesMaster and watch on spycam while the second group plays. This is a great laugh. But you will need to think of something for your second group to be doing while the first group plays – they can’t watch because it will spoil the surprise!

To book for more than 27 players, let us know on the contact form.

How do I get there?

Secret Studio’s exact location is a highly guarded secret. But here’s a clue or two…

We’re on Wentworth Street, London, E1 7SA, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane.

The studio is a few minutes walk from Aldgate East Underground station and on the 15, 25, 67, 115, 135, 205 and 254 bus routes.

Don’t worry, once you’ve booked we’ll give you a fighting chance of finding us.

How long will it last?

The Secret Studio experience will last around 90 minutes, including a short briefing beforehand, and a chat about how it went afterwards.

You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the Studio’s mysteries and escape. It’s not easy. Less than 50 percent of people escape in the time. If you’re close and we’re feeling generous, we might give you a few extra minutes. Otherwise, you’ll just have to come back (we’re sure you’ll want to). We’ll give you a bit of a discount second time round, but be warned: we mix things up a bit when you return.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

You can add extra people, but there’s a maximum of six per room (seven with a bit of a squeeze). If you’re not sure how many rooms you’ve booked, just check your booking confirmation.

To add people, just reply to your booking confirmation telling us how many you would like to add.

This is a live experience, so cancellation isn’t possible. But we want to be as flexible as we can. If you want to change your booking, let us know by replying to your booking confirmation. We’ll try our best to find another customer to take your game. The more notice we have, the greater the chances! We need to charge £10 for each change, to cover our admin costs. Sorry about that.

Will anyone else be in the room?

No. Only your group will be in the room(s). So you will just be playing with yourselves, so to speak.

Is it scary?

Secret Studio is haunted, so there are a few surprises. If you really don’t like shocks, ask your GamesMaster for a Joker Card when you arrive. This will allow you to avoid the scarey bits. But the Joker Card contains spoilers, so only ask for it if you really are apprehensive.

I’ve already played, can I come back?

Returning players who bring friends come for free! There just need to be 3 or more paying players for each free one. Just tell us on the booking form how many returning players there are.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you haven’t visited Secret Studio, otherwise you will see things that might spoil some of the fun.

Although the story and structure of the game is the same as when you played, we shake things up a bit for returning players and change some of the clues and puzzles. The only thing to bear in mind is the importance of not giving spoilers to the rest of your group during the bits that you are familiar with.

If you fancy, you can also become a central part of the game’s grand finale, adding to the surprise element for your friends. We need to do a bit of secret planning with you to enable this, so best to book at least a week in advance if you do want to be part of the finale.

If you don’t want to play again, then you can sit outside with the GamesMaster and watch your friends go through on a spycam. You can also suggest personalised clues and jokes to the GamesMaster. This is a great laugh. If you want to go for this option, just book for the people who will actually be playing and send us an email after you've booked to say some people want to watch. We’ll then warn the GamesMaster that you are planning to do this.

How accessible is it?

We do have wheelchair access, but are only able to accommodate 1-2 wheelchair users at a time. We’re very embarrassed about this.

There is no excessively physical activity.

To solve the mysteries at least one team member needs reasonably good eyesight.

Although we play music and effects, audio is not essential to the experience.

There is the odd surprise! Let us know when you arrive if you really don’t like shocks, and we’ll tailor the experience.

Tell us if you’re claustrophobic; we should be able to make it work for you.

Do you do gift vouchers?

We certainly do.

Just send us an email telling us how many players, the name of the recipient and the address you’d like us to send it to (or if it’s urgent, we can email you a PDF).

It also helps if you can tell us what the gift is for, so we can personalise the card a bit.

We’ll then send you an invoice by email. You can pay this by credit card or PayPal account. Then we’ll send a shiny gift-voucher card.

The cost is simply our normal price of £33 per person.

Oh and by the way, the voucher will have no expiry date; we know how annoying it is to finally get round to using that gift, only to discover it ran out last week!


Thanks so much, we had an absolutely amazing time.
Puzzled Partners Team - October 2021
A truly fabulous experience. And thank you all again!
Mimi's Rat Pack - October 2021
Oh we LOVED IT! Everyone said they want to do it again.
Team Fattoush - March 2020
Would definitely come again with more friends.
The maltesars! - March 2020
Thank you so so much. Had an amazing time.
Team Baby Shark - February 2020
I had high expectations from the Tripadvisor ratings but it didn't disappoint.
Team Olympia - February 2020
You guys were great! We are all discussing it this morning in the office!
Team Same - December 2019
You guys were all amazing!
The Awesome Foursome - December 2019
Thanks for an absolutely amazing experience.
The Redacted Team - November 2019
Really loved the background story and everyone was saying what a great time they had!
The Better Team - October 2019
I had an adrenaline rush that lasted till lunch and my heart was still racing when we got to Spitalfields.
Team ‘Ladies Love Excitement’ - August 2019
We had such a great time and everyone is still buzzing about it.
Team Curly Llamas - August 2019
All of us loved it!!! It was so much fun.
The Dornan Team - July 2019
We had a great time and enjoyed the story of the room and the non-standard puzzles a lot.
Team Octopi - July 2019
You have an amazing team of people. We were over the moon.
Team Houdini - June 2019
Thanks so much for an amazing time!!
Team Tadpoles - December 2018
Wow. So great. We were taking about it for hours afterwards and I couldn’t sleep going through all the clues I missed.
Team Kugaya - July 2018
I cannot recommend you and the team any more highly it was fantastic.
The Southern Suckes - July 2018
It kicked off our evening in brilliant style, and everyone commented on how enjoyable it was.
Team Unicorn - June 2018
We had an awesome time, was easily the best escape room I’ve done – loads of twists and turns.
7 Deadly Sinners - May 2018
It was a total triumph of a start to a hen do.
The 5 Beards - April 2018
I’ve woken up mulling over every detail this morning. You have made a truly immersive experience.
Team What The Butler Saw - April 2016
A whirlwind of fun and excitement from beginning to end.
Team Get Me Outta Here - March 2016
Now the bar is set so high, I will really struggle to think of something half as fun for next year’s Christmas do!
Team Kinetic – December 2015
It was a brilliant session – we couldn’t stop talking about it for the whole day! Well put together and well managed.
Team MI5 and a Half – October 2015
Absolutely amazing experience. Clues took some real working out and not easy – teamwork essential! Being up against the clock put the pressure on and the story, props and effects were brilliant. So want to do it again.
Team Erin's Heroes – September 2015
Absolutely Awesome! We have never done anything like this before but now we are hooked! Worth Every Penny!
Team Awsomesauce - August 2015
Such a fun evening!
The Uncut Gems - February 2020
Loved this so much – it was absolutely brilliant!
Tequila Mocking Bird Team - December 2019
We had a brilliant time and would thoroughly recommend the experience.
Team Barmy Army - November 2019
Awesome, thank you so much!
The Moorek team - November 2019
Full of fun & the spooky bits were just on point! We were talking about it for hours.
Team Bogies - September 2019
What a fun time we had. Great team, story, top day out!
The BBs team - September 2019
Very well done and a lot of fun.
Team Shreddy Mole - August 2019
Thanks so much, it was fantastic.
Team Moon Landing - July 2019
It was insanely fun.
Team Ghedon - November 2018
We haven’t stopped raving about it to all and sundry.
Team Brownies - July 2018
It was absolutely brilliant – we all loved it!
Team Hot and Sweaties - June 2018
A definite must visit/do!
Team Super Pints - March 2018
We had the best time, thank you guys!
Team Butterwick 4 - March 2018
These guys are running an absolute Gem!
Team Good Craic - August 2016
Well planned brain teasing clues with great variety so everyone could contribute.
Team The Intimidators - August 2016
We had a great time this evening, really great escape room and definitely inspired us to try some more in the future.
Team Test 1,2,3 - December 2015
Last night was fantastic!!
Team OO4s on a Mission – October 2015
Secret Studio offered some total escapism but really justified in the way it brought us together.
Team Ruby Shandy - October 2015
It’s something you’ll never forget.
Team Go For It - September 2015
Loved it. Very clever. Flowed well with a good mix of puzzles. Brilliant and if you get a 2nd room we will definitely be back. Excellent time thank you all.
Pugway Army - August 2015
We all had an amazing time.
Bride Tribe Team - February 2020
Was truly fantastic, many thanks!
Team Enigma - December 2019
We had a fantastic time. I even loved when the shocks made us scream.
The S**t Birds - November 2019
Great day guys, thanks so much.
Team 6 out of 10 - November 2019
We all had a great time and we’re very impressed with it all.
Beau + Punnet Team - October 2019
Such a nice experience. We all loved it.
Team Fake Leather - September 2019
You made our experience one we won't forget.
The Other London Team - July 2019
Thank you all so much for kicking off our day in such a spectacular way. Everyone was reeling for hours.
Team Henetron - July 2018
Thanks very much for a fun evening, we all enjoyed it very much.
Bobby’s Angels - June 2018
We had such a great time and what a unique, fun experience.
Team Eighteen - April 2018
The best room I’ve ever done.
Team Meatballs - April 2018
I’ve done over 30 escape rooms in London and I’d rate this in my top two.
B-Team - July 2016
My boyfriend, his sister and I have visited 4 escape rooms and I think Secret Studio is just about my favourite!
Team Sunday Society - May 2016
The concept is excellent, and the thought and passion that has gone into this game is obvious.
Fellowship of the Tuppence - December 2015
Amazing awesome wonderful – do this.
Team Ghostbusters - October 2015
We had a great time and I’ve already recommended it to a ton of people.
Team Baby Shower - September 2015
I can quite honestly say that was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a Friday night with my trousers on.
Little Green Men - August 2015

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Secret Studio’s exact location is a highly guarded secret.

Don’t worry though, once you’ve booked we’ll give you a fighting chance of finding us. Meanwhile, here’s a clue or two… We’re on Wentworth Street, London, E1 7SA, within a stone’s throw of Brick Lane. The studio is a few minutes walk from Aldgate East Underground station and on the 15, 25, 67, 115, 135, 205 and 254 bus routes.


We can’t wait to hear from you. Please send us a message via the contact form. We’ll get back to you very quickly. We promise.

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